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Shining Examples

Waning daylight hours put an emphasis on candlelight and electric illumination. In addition to wattage, think style when lighting your interior.

Detroit Collector Allen Abramson Shows His Worldly Treasures

He spent a lifetime amassing museum-quality furnishings.

A Q&A With Interior Designer Barry Dixon

How antiques can complement a modern décor.

Metro Detroiters Turn Tree Trunks Into Totems

Dead wood comes alive with creativity.

New Homes Promise a Green Future

A Macomb Township development showcases eco living.

Date Book

Birds & Bees

Rising from the Ruins

It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon and Matt and Kim Clayson are peering out the dining-room windows of their Indian Village home as company arrives. Sally Crapo Bullard, great-granddaughter of the home’s original owners, ambles in, along with Bill Morgan, founder of the Swartz Creek Historical Society, and his wife, Monte.

Moving Ahead

It’s the night before the spring furniture market in North Carolina, and Bernard “Bernie” Moray, chairman and CEO of Gorman’s furniture, is breaking in new shoes for his trip.

Star Quality

When hedge-fund billionaire Steven A. Cohen bought Jasper Johns’ 48-star Flag recently, tongues in the art world were wagging. The selling price for the 1954 work? An estimated $110 million, The New York Times reported.

On Wings of Song

For the past couple of months, neighborhoods around here have rung pleasantly with voices other than ours. The cardinals cranked up even before March did, perky little fountains spewing musical testosterone. Soon the robins were blasting away, bravely pretending to be better singers than evolution equipped them to be. Then gradually the entire local choir found its cues — mostly a raucous B-team of house sparrows, starlings, grackles, and jays.

Keeping Cozy

Porch lights, Polish Pottery, recipes from the past, and Pendleton woolen blankets.

Shining Armor

Case goods sheathed in or accented with mirrors reflect light in quiet corners and offer visual relief from wood furnishings.

Ice Picks

Solid glass icicles may be displayed on Christmas trees, suspended from the mantel, or dangled in winter windows to capture welcome sunlight.

Pop Goes the Easel

For an artist who detested the use of the word “Pop” to describe his work, Tom Wesselmann (1931-2004) nevertheless became inextricably linked to that modern-art movement.

Michigan Bounty

Though farms and gardens may sleep now under the snow, it’s still possible to eat locally and support Michigan producers.

Rebuilding Blocks

Architecture for Humanity’s Detroit chapter is being revived, and its aim is to improve the city’s story.

A Model House

When she’s away from the spotlight, Cindy Crawford kicks back with family in her beachfront Malibu home, where she takes a relaxed approach to décor.

Date Book

This season’s events offer inspiration for holiday décor, Home improvement, and cottage living.

Hot Seat

This custom dining chair goes through fire to get its edgy elegance.
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