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Kemble’s Keepers

Sought-after interior designer Celerie Kemble has released a coffee-table book attractive enough to grace the sophisticated rooms she creates.

Stretching the Boundaries of Yoga

Designers tend to be conceptual, big-picture types. But even given that, pairing yoga with architecture and urban planning seems a stretch, so to speak.

Five questions with … Lisa Rennell

During the chaos of holiday shopping, it’s good to have a go-to gift shop when collecting odds-and-ends for family and friends. Grosse Pointe’s Rennell & Co. is just that shop. Recently, we asked owner Lisa Rennell for her tips and trends for the season.


Rococo was an answer to the oppressively formal baroque style. Much like French ruler Louis XIV — whose reign is synonymous with it — the baroque aesthetic was austere and rigid.

Richardsonian Romanesque

In The 1870s, architect Henry Hobson Richardson developed his own take on the Romanesque architecture that had been a popular choice for public and commercial buildings earlier in the century.

Handmade Detroit

If crafting is your poison, then check out handmadedetroit.com — a virtual hub for Detroit’s handcrafting set.

A Midwinter Night’s Gleam

WINTER — if you believe the ancient Greeks — came about when Demeter was mourning the abduction of her beloved daughter Persephone. To protest, Persephone’s mythic momma refused to nourish the earth until her daughter was returned from the underworld.

It’s Frying Time Again

An Israeli treat makes the season sweeter.

Wharton Esherick

Wharton Esherick spent his early years as an impressionist painter in his hometown of Philadelphia. Influenced equally by Thoreau’s Walden and the Arts-and-Crafts movement, Esherick strove to live a spartan, natural existence.

Design in our Time

Whoever said “form follows function” must not have owned an orange rubber saltshaker or a Peter Max-designed Arizona Iced Tea bottle. With Antiques of the Future, Lisa S. Roberts highlights the design of everything from water bottles to toilet brushes — proving that form and function can, in fact, work quite well together.


Established in 2005, Etsy.com has become a virtual flea market, without the fleas. The online artists community uses high-tech means for handmade hawking.

Gothic Revival

The Gothic Revival in American residential architecture officially began in 1832, when architect Alexander Jackson Davis built the first fully developed example of the picturesque country home popular in rural England since 1749.

Five questions with … Jacqueline Linklater

Jacqueline Linklater felt there was nowhere to go for bright, whimsical décor. So she took action. As owner of Rochester’s Purple Pear, she offers a fully functioning interior design studio, along with an interesting mix of furniture and accessories.

Personal Shopper - Jennifer Mitchell

Interior designer Jennifer Mitchell shares her five favorite hot spots for home goods

Design for a Cause

The most recent addition to Birmingham’s Westchester Way is a $1.45 million, 4,580-square-foot...

Going Green without Wearing Sandals

When Kermit sang “It’s Not Easy Being Green,” the famous frog wasn’t referencing the cost of solar panels. Nevertheless, there’s no shortage of authors hoping to change the Muppet’s mind.

Dutch Colonial

Dutch control in colonial America was remarkably short lived. Within 50 years, the English took over and the Dutch influence began to wane.

The Bureau of Decorative Affairs

Bemoaning the lack of city shops carrying unique and affordable housewares while promoting and supporting community causes? Bemoan no more.

Five Questions with … Catherine Thursby

Catherine Thursby named her colorful Ann Arbor store Red Shoes, but you won’t find any footwear in stock. With its eclectic mix of vintage, handmade, polka-dotted, and one-of-a-kind home goods, Red Shoes specializes in a different kind of kicks.

Duncan Phyfe

Duncan Phyfe left an indelible mark on American furniture and design. Born in 1768, Phyfe moved his family from Scotland to Albany, N.Y., in 1784 to apprentice as a cabinetmaker.
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