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FOUNDED in 1950, Ciot is a major importer, distributor, and retailer of marble, granite, quartz, onyx, limestone, mosaic, ceramic, and stone tile.

Ciot is recognized for its impressive selection of products, many of which are exclusive to the company. Customers can choose from a vast selection of the best available products, produced by qualified craftspeople who work with state-of-the-art tools, and each client is serviced by expert consultants who assist with and coordinate the selection of products.

CIOT’s services, which are among the most comprehensive on the market, are provided by highly qualified teams of experts who travel around the world looking for exclusive products.



Born from a technology that respects the environment, this product is rigorously made in Italy and has unique characteristics; it is the only one that displays a large surface area with reduced thickness that is completely polished to guarantee not only an incredible aesthetic quality but also a high resistance to stress.

Varied and versatile in order to offer the most compositional possibilities to the design, Maxfi ne is studied to expand the intended use of the contemporary porcelain gres tiles: Just 6 millimeters of thickness make it ideal for walls and fl ooring and also for high-traffi c areas such as shopping malls and busy areas. It opens new dimensions for contemporary architecture because it combines low thickness with large formats, guaranteeing high technical performances, a lower load on the fl oors, and an aesthetic quality never seen before. The slabs, which can be laid with a minimum joint, enhance the rooms with unique effects of visual continuity.

MAXFINE - Calacatta “ideal marble vein patterning”


CONCRETE TILE (Peau de beton):

Distributed exclusively by Ciot, the lightweight concrete tile reproduces the look of demoulded concrete. Each panel is unique in regards to the design and color tones. A thickness of less than a half inch (1.27 centimeters), this product is used to give a chic and sophisticated industrial look. It can be installed on any vertical surface, and it’s all the rage right now to dress the home, giving them a contemporary and timeless feel.

Concrete Tile - Onyx 8 x 48”



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