Spring 2010

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The Radiant Sun

The Michigan premiere and reception for The Radiant Sun.

Thoroughly Modern

A party benefiting The Detroit Area Art Deco Society was held on April 23 as a preview to the annual Michigan Modernism Exposition in Southfield.

Morning Mixer

Music accompanying brunch often falls into two tired categories: jazz piano or classical chestnuts. Try this “springy” playlist to freshen up your mid-morning gathering.


Serve this variation of the popular strata dish hot or at room temperature. Vegetables and cheese may be varied. Other mushrooms are fine, though the morel is a Michigan springtime delicacy.

Morning Glory

We’ve all heard the cliché of seasonal changes as a metaphor for age. I prefer a clock analogy for the seasons, with us swept along in a pleasant perpetual circle. Morning is spring, of course. And, like youth, it shouldn’t be squandered.

Just Add Flowers

Nothing beats a vase of fresh-cut blooms on the table, nightstand, or kitchen counter. Keep multiple vessels on hand to accommodate a garden variety.

Design Awards 2010 - Rising Star

Design Awards 2010 - Homes

Design Awards 2010 - Interiors

Design Awards 2010 - Leisure

Design Awards 2010 - Elements

Design Awards 2010 - Judges

The esteemed panel of Detroit Home Design Awards judges.

Design Awards 2010

The creative potential of our rooms, home, and landscapes is a lifelong fascination. In the following categories, winning designs provide inspiration for shaping the homes of our dreams.
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