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In 1927, a milestone in film history occurred: Al Jolson starred in "The Jazz Singer," considered to be Hollywood's first talking picture. Adding a musical score and a few spoken lines to the moving picture was a huge hit. However, it also threw some people in the film business out of work — big names, movie stars, and everyday people like Ray de Steiger. Ray wasn't famous like some of the others, but he lost his job just the same; he had played piano in local theaters for the silent movies. Now that sound was part of the picture, there was no need for his piano-playing talents. So Ray went looking for work. He tried his hand at several things before he finally found success in the lighting business.

In this challenging economy lighting retailers find that more consumers are making the effort to shop for and buy American-made fixtures. Not only does buying American help provide jobs and ensure economic growth, but U.S manufacturing processes are much cleaner and greener for the environment than those found in many other countries. As for the fixtures, customers recognize and appreciate the artistry and quality that can only be achieved through American handcrafted design.

Here are just a few companies that proudly manufacture lighting products in America:

•  In Illinois, H.A. Framburg & Co. has inspired artisans of traditional American classic designs since 1905. Their design team continues to reenergize the line with styles that visibly represent the integrity rooted in the company's history.

•  In Vermont, armed with anvils, blacksmithing hammers, and a deep respect for all art forms, Hubbardton Forge designs and creates original hand-forged metal fixtures.

•  Right here in Michigan, Stonegate Designs gets creative by combining natural laser-cut metals with a variety fabrics rich in vibrant colors and textures that inspire a bright and uplifting living space.

Best of all, because their products are made in America, each of these companies offers a variety of custom finishes and shade treatments.

"Ray Lighting is proud to support these fine American companies," says Michelle Edmonds, Showroom Director at Ray's. "Maybe it's because we share a similar story…humble beginnings, spirited entrepreneurship, and American values."

(East of Oakland Mall)
1241 E. 14 Mile Rd.

Sterling Heights
(West of Lakeside Mall)
12500 Hall Rd.

(North of Grand River)
25673 Meadowbrook Rd.


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