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In 1927, a milestone in film history occurred: Al Jolson starred in “The Jazz Singer,” considered to be Hollywood’s first talking picture. Adding a musical score and a few spoken lines to the moving picture was a huge hit. However, it also threw some people in the film business out of work — big names, movie stars, and everyday people like Ray de Steiger. Ray wasn’t famous like some of the others, but he lost his job just the same; he had played piano in local theaters for the silent movies. Now that sound was part of the picture, there was no need for his piano-playing talents. So Ray went looking for work. He tried his hand at several things before he finally found success in the lighting business.

Lighting technology has advanced a lot over the past 75 years, and it continues to progress at a dizzying speed. The goal to “go green” has inspired an influx of new lighting sources, leaving customers a bit confused about the many choices now available. Perhaps we, at Ray Lighting, can help you better understand the new LED luminaries.

Protecting the Environment:
• Consuming less energy results in fewer gas emissions.
• A potential life of 50,000 hours per bulb means less trash and landfill waste.
• LED bulbs contain no mercury or gases, so they are 100-percent recyclable.

Saving Energy:
• LED bulbs use 50 percent less energy than CFL bulbs and 85 percent less energy than standard incandescent bulbs. The light output from an 8-12w LED is equivalent to that of a 60w incandescent or a 13-18w fluorescent.

Saving Money:
• LED bulbs usually pay for themselves in less than two years.
• Long life means minimal maintenance and replacements.

Quality of Light:
• The small size and low profile of LEDs allows them to be used in spaces that are too small for incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. LED tape lighting has become the most efficient and desirable source for illuminating under cabinets and in niches.
• The color temperature of an LED can make the light warm and inviting, or cooler output can be used for task-oriented applications.

When shopping for LED fixtures, the most important information to check is the CRI, or color rendering index, which refers to the color accuracy. A CRI of 85-100 indicates excellent quality.



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