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Attractive landscaping can add immeasurably to the natural beauty (and value) of a home. But before making any decisions, follow these ground rules supplied by the experts.


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The topography of this property, with its distinctive stepped lawn, is highlighted by bluestone walls, multilevel terraces, and stairways. The site, designed by landscape architect John Lindsay Mayer (Farmington), offers three separate levels of living space connected by staircases and pathways. Mayer’s design received several first-place honors in the 2009 Detroit Home Design Awards.

Photograph by George Dzahristos


Even tiny plots can benefit from the services of a landscape architect or designer, whose extensive knowledge of plants and their proper placement can help you avoid costly mistakes and keep your investment growing for years to come. It’s important to consider the big picture when thinking about landscaping, area experts say. “We offer a holistic approach instead of doing things piecemeal,” says designer Patrick Zaremba, of Zaremba & Co. in Davisburg.  Adds Farmington-based landscape architect John Lindsay Mayer: “What you don’t know can definitely hurt you and your garden.” Like a good kitchen or bath, when done well, landscaping can enhance the value of a home and help it sell more quickly. “In the end, good landscape design is both a science and an art,” says Birmingham-based landscape architect Michael J. Dul. “What we really sell are our ideas and our experience.”





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