Iced Glee

Summer sippin’ — our favorite fixings for creating and serving perfect iced tea


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Fresh is Best

Iced tea essentials: Michigan mint and Meyer lemons

The ideal iced tea requires the essence of homegrown mint and a squeeze of lemon. Here, tips for top-notch tea:

• On mint: James E. Crosby founded his Crosby Mint Farm in St. Johns (Clinton County) in 1912; it’s now the oldest continuously operated mint farm in the United States. Head out for an adventurous day trip to the farm to purchase fresh mint (or go to Consider timing your mint farm visit with the 30th Annual St. Johns Mint Festival, Aug. 8–10.

• On lemons: “Meyer lemons are a cross between traditional lemons and Mandarin oranges,” explains Joe Santoro, senior produce buyer at Nino Salvaggio International Marketplace’s three locations in St. Clair Shores, Clinton Township, and Troy. “Chefs prefer to use them because they’re sweeter and less acidic than a traditional lemon.” — Giuseppa Nadrowski


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