Winter 2007

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The Reason for the Season

My brother’s never met a debate he couldn’t exasperate. With a unique combination of absurdity and manufactured outrage, he quickly goes from zero-to-ridiculous, obscuring the point, and leaving his opponents with something closer to a punch line than a defensible position. One minute you’re having what seems like a reasonable conversation; the next you’re passionately arguing that, in fact, his neighbor is not really playing that violin just to spite him.

Five questions with … Lisa Rennell

During the chaos of holiday shopping, it’s good to have a go-to gift shop when collecting odds-and-ends for family and friends. Grosse Pointe’s Rennell & Co. is just that shop. Recently, we asked owner Lisa Rennell for her tips and trends for the season.


Rococo was an answer to the oppressively formal baroque style. Much like French ruler Louis XIV — whose reign is synonymous with it — the baroque aesthetic was austere and rigid.

Richardsonian Romanesque

In The 1870s, architect Henry Hobson Richardson developed his own take on the Romanesque architecture that had been a popular choice for public and commercial buildings earlier in the century.

Handmade Detroit

If crafting is your poison, then check out — a virtual hub for Detroit’s handcrafting set.

A Midwinter Night’s Gleam

WINTER — if you believe the ancient Greeks — came about when Demeter was mourning the abduction of her beloved daughter Persephone. To protest, Persephone’s mythic momma refused to nourish the earth until her daughter was returned from the underworld.

It’s Frying Time Again

An Israeli treat makes the season sweeter.


Head west on Michigan Avenue until you reach Saline and you’ll be greeted by the key-lime colored clapboard of the Davenport House, otherwise known as Curtiss Mansion.

Sale of the Mid Century

A ’60s-era ranch is home to space-age style and two savvy shoppers.

Artful Living

A color-coated condo showcases a collection of contemporary art and design.
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