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Tips: Get Your Kitchen Ready for the Holidays



Kitchen sisters Alisha and Niki Serras, and Brian Gamache, owners of Scavolini by Cucina Moda, take the guesswork out of a kitchen or bath remodel. Once they opened in Birmingham in 2010, the partners quickly established a client network that loves design; each client uses their home to express their personal style. Every kitchen remodel is completely customized, and Scavolini by Cucina Moda is involved in each project from design to installation. The team is opening its second Scavolini showroom in early 2014, in the Merchandise Mart in Chicago.

The holidays are right around the corner, and that means countless parties, dinners, and overnight guests. Follow these easy steps to prepare for the season, and be a host who's stress-free!


Don't run the self-clean cycle on your oven — it's actually hard on the oven and can cause it to fail right when you're about to put your turkey in. Instead, do a quick cleaning with a wet rag around the top burners, and leave the rest until after you usher in the new year.

Clean the Microwave:

This is often forgotten, but it can be pretty embarrassing to have someone offer to help warm up food only to discover a dirty, food-splattered microwave. Microwave a small bowl with water and a lemon wedge for a minute, then wipe the inside of the microwave down with a rag. The steam helps release stuck-on grime

Stock up on Essentials:

Take stock of your pantry and get ready to write a list. Things like roasted cashews, specialty cookies or crackers, and salty olives — anything with a reasonable shelf life — are easy snacks to put out for spur-of-the-moment entertaining. Having a supply of bar basics is a must, so stock up on wine, liquor, and seltzer for the unexpected hosting that happens during the holidays!

De-Clutter and Decorate:

Because everyone always ends up in the kitchen, make your life easier and make some space! Declutter your countertops, and put away the oil and vinegar bottles and the stack of magazines you keep meaning to read. Put out a festive tiered platter to hold appetizers for your guests to munch. Now you have room to work on dinner and you can still spend time chatting with your friends!

Scavolini by Cucina Moda
202 E. Maple, Birmingham MI 48009

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