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A Modern Farmhouse

When architect Michael Van Goor first meets with a couple hoping to build a new home, he has them compile individual lists of the five things they absolutely couldn’t live with and the five...

Artful Living

Gary Wasserman wears many hats. He’s produced circuses and parades, been involved in theater, art, and competitive horse-carriage driving, runs a highly specialized steel business with offices in Paris and Düsseldorf, and has even...

Sale of the Mid Century

Before money, people bartered. Shoppers could swap three chickens for a rug, two goats for a llama, and so forth. It was something like a Mesopotamian version of Let’s Make a Deal. Once money...

In Pursuit of the Good Life

Tasked with writing an editor’s letter for an issue devoted to the good life, it seemed obvious that I should first know what exactly that life entailed. So, I grabbed a copy of Webster’s...

The Reason for the Season

My brother’s never met a debate he couldn’t exasperate. With a unique combination of absurdity and manufactured outrage, he quickly goes from zero-to-ridiculous, obscuring the point, and leaving his opponents with something closer to...

2009 Rising Star

Design Awards 2009 - Rising Star

One Man’s Gluttony is Another Man’s Lunch

“Diamond Jim” Brady — celebrated glutton of the Gilded Age — is said to have regularly rode around Central Park on one of his 12 gold-plated bicycles. Considering Brady’s legendary appetite, this was an...

Collection Agency

Dennis and Bonnie Vankeersblick collect almost everything. Here’s how it happened.

The Best of the Rejected Best of Categories

This year, for our annual “Best of the Good Life” readers survey, we decided to expand the number and range of the included categories.

Chef’s Choice

After 18 years as chef and owner of Inn Season Café in Royal Oak, George Vutetakis knows his way around a kitchen.