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A Soft Touch

In an extroverted, over-the-top, pundit-populated world, quiet style offers such an appealing safe harbor.

Inside Stories

During news coverage of storm Sandy’s devastation in New York’s Belle Harbor neighborhood, a TV reporter’s description jumped out at me: “Houses turned inside out.”

Kitchen & Bath

Luciano Del Signore's home kitchen; Lori Karbal's kitchen and bath; and Stephen Knollenberg's kitchen and bath designs.

Natural Collection

When Phillip Morici and Joe Nieradka design landscapes for clients, they strive to create what they call a “single voice.” At their own 1926 home, the naturalized setting speaks with a full choir of sounds. Acorns plop. Raindrops slap a pond where koi circle languidly.

Style and Sustenance

We love kitchens. They’re our adult sand boxes, where we have permission to make a mess.

Moving Up

Bob Endres is a man in love. His real-estate romance began unexpectedly with his introduction to a mousy little place that took his affections by surprise.

Natural Order

Given their warm-weather use, summer homes are often as much about their setting and view as they are about their architecture and interior.

Modern Perspective

The horizon visible From Anthony and J.J. Curis’ lakeside home is as wide open and sparkling as their newlywed life.

Bright & Beautiful

Heiress and wealthy widow Bunny Mellon has maintained homes in New York, Paris, Antigua, Cape Cod, and Nantucket, as well as a 4,000-acre estate farm in Virginia. Given such good fortune (as detailed recently...

Varied Interests

  Like an artist composing a scene, interior designer Daniel L. Lonski’s work with an avid collector requires an eye for framing a view. The task is one for which Lonski began preparing as a...