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2019 DHDA: Exteriors

2019 Design Awards - Exteriors

2019 DHDA: Interiors

2019 Design Awards - Interiors

2019 DHDA: Homes

2019 Design Awards - Homes

2019 DHDA: Commercial Design

2019 Design Awards - Commercial Design

2019 DHDA: Rising Star

This year’s Brian Killian Rising Star competition winner takes her design cues from Mother Nature’s splendid northern Michigan palette // Room photos and portrait by Beth Singer

2019 DHDA: Reader’s Choice

2019 Design Awards – Reader's Choice // Photos by Kris Ilitch

2018 Detroit Home Design Awards Presented by Michigan Design Center

Metro Detroit's design community was celebrated at the 14th Annual Detroit Home Design Awards Presented by Michigan Design Center on March 29, 2018 at the Max M. and Marjorie S. Fisher Music Center. Guests enjoyed a strolling dinner, cocktails, and a live presentation of the 2018 Detroit Home Design Awards, followed by an AfterGlow.

2018 DHDA: Readers’ Choice

2018 Design Awards - Reader's Choice

2018 DHDA: Rising Star

2018 Design Awards - Rising Star

2018 DHDA: Homes

2018 Design Awards - Homes