Featured Homes

What’s Cooking?

Whether it’s carryout, coffee, cocktails, or conversation, the kitchen’s where it’s happening — which is likely why they’ve grown larger and larger over the years.

Lap of Luxury

Inspired by an east-Asian island resort, this three-sided, negative edge pool by DesRosiers Architects has a spa built flush to the water.

Where There’s a Grill, There’s a Way

Big Rock Chophouse executive chef Jeff Rose shares the menu, recipes, and secrets to a perfect summer steakout.

Brush Park

Detroit’s population swelled after the completion of the Erie Canal in 1825. So entrepreneur Edmund Busch -— recognizing the rising value of his family’s plot just north of downtown — began developing the area as a neighborhood for the city’s emerging elite.

The Garden State

The celebrated 18-century English landscaper Lancelot Brown earned his nickname, “Capability,” for often proclaiming his clients’ estates capable of great improvement. But we shan’t...

Living Outside the Painted Box

It’s no surprise that the Forrests eat their morning toast and read the paper sitting on Le Corbusier Club Chairs in the living room.

Farming It Out

Built in 1855 by Squire and Dolly Rowe, their fieldstone farmhouse came with six acres and a spot on the state’s list of registered historic sites. When Brigid first heard the Rowe house was for sale, she immediately called her Realtor and told her they wanted it.

Yes Sir, That’s My Burro

Right now, the majority of the world’s 44 million donkeys are doing the same type of work they’ve been doing for the past 6,000...


Children lucky enough to have their own playhouse traditionally have had to make do with the run-of-the-mill, Hansel-and-Gretel style, gingerbread design.