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Brush Park Beauty

An 1882 Detroit Victorian gets an ultra-chic makeover with an accent on historic features and contemporary upgrades

Tradition with a Wow!

The style pendulum swings toward both classic East Coast and modern family living at this Grosse Pointe Farms home

Rad Trad

Where there once were lots of bushes and wildflowers, the exterior of this Grosse Pointe Farms home now includes a new paint color, fewer hedges, and an updated and edited design.

Mix Master

The most successful homes take their inspiration from and reflect the people who live there, says Jill Schumacher, of Rariden Schumacher Mio in Birmingham.

Pentwater Perch

The first thing your eye is drawn to on the third floor of Lisa and Ennio Petrella’s cottage is a pair of swivel chairs. Your first thought is likely to be, “I wish I were sitting there!”

Story Time

When Cari Cucksey and her husband, Vincenzo “Vince” Iafano, first were considering whether to purchase an old bank building in Holly, they were under the impression that the structure dated back to 1919.

A Perfect Blend

After living in a clean-lined home with an open floor plan, Muir Frey and his partner, Pamela Herbster, were ready to head in a different direction. Their wish was granted when Frey came across a French Provincial-style house in Ann Arbor on the Huron River in the Barton Hills neighborhood.

Mid-Century Makeover

There’s Mid-century Modern, and then there’s mid-century mediocre. Unfortunately, homes built during the 1950s and 1960s can have elements of both, says John Rattray...

Designer in Residence

It was time to make a decision about where to live. Interior designer Marianne Jones was living in a condominium in Birmingham, while her...
Mary Liz Curtin

Something to See

The popular shop Leon & Lulu dazzles with all things artistic and eclectic — and so does the owners’ home