Home Décor

Meaningful Masterpieces

Makers use passion, skill, natural woods, and modern tools to create timeless furniture, floors, and art

Doctor of Design

Passionate about home design, this medical professional and busy mom launched a Facebook page for others just like her


Teals, amethysts, and magentas — the colors of exotic gemstones — create eye-catching beauty

Nature’s Way

The last light-filled days of summer are upon us. Here’s how two designers make the most of them

Dream Retreat

These accents make a bathroom seem like you’re at an expensive spa getaway far, far from home

Bulletin Board: House Calls

A grand tour, stylish senior living & dream baths

You Glow, Girl!

As abstract painter and author Leslie Masters celebrates a half-century teaching at the BBAC, her quest to capture colors continues — and the brighter, the better

Cottage Charm

Decorative pieces and practical hand-me-downs mingle well, especially at “the cottage.” Often, those functional furnishings evoke powerful childhood memories.

Citrus Punch!

A spritz of lime and other bold shades add splashes of color to what truly can be a cohesive interior

Dive In!

When west Michigan natives and Grand Rapids residents Matt Jung and Chip George met at Hope College in 1997, they weren’t impressed with the comfort of their dorm room bean bags.