Home Décor


As Colonial America’s population swelled and became more prosperous, people developed a taste for more fashionable homes.

Bond & Bowery

These days, you can buy a wide-collared polyester shirt from a former disco devotee in San Bernardino with nothing more than a quick click of the mouse.

Michael Thonet

After countless reproductions and knockoffs, it’s likely everyone, at one time or another, has sat on or owned a copy of Michael Thonet’s chair design.

Tour of Beauty

Detroit had yet to become “The Motor City” when Indian Village’s first homes began construction in 1895.


Split-level houses — a multi-story modification of the one-floor ranch — became popular in the 1950s. Retaining the ranch’s horizontal lines, low-pitched roof, and...

Paul McCobb

Trained as an artist in Boston before moving to New York in the late 1940s, Paul McCobb made his name designing retail displays and...


Favorite recipes usually come in a card file, tagged in a cookbook, ripped out of a magazine, or, if you’re really desperate, scribbled on...

Five questions with … B.C. Cabangbang

What trends are you seeing now? Eco-friendly products are a major trend, from soy candles to renewable materials like bamboo in fabrics, flooring, and furniture....

Down on the Farm

In July of 1825, John Dix, a retired sea captain from the east, raised the first frame barn built in Ann Arbor Township. 182...