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The Open Door

In the first weeks of November, Michiganders enjoyed unusually warm weather.

Rhythms of Home

This time of year, when I’m hauling out containers full of Halloween and Thanksgiving adornments, I hear my mother saying, “Ugh, Halloween, all that sugar!”


It began with a text message from a neighbor this past May. “Do your sons need any chairs or a couch? We’re getting new family room furniture.” 

Ringing in Summer

Every time his grandfather would ring the dinner bell, off the boy ran to whatever delicious meal Grandma may have cooked up that evening....

Defining Home

Letter From the Editor

Treasures of the Heart

When it was time for my siblings and me to prepare to sell the home my family had moved into when I was 12, I was given the task of overseeing an assessment of its furnishings, collections, and artwork.

My Home, My Self?

I was having coffee with a good pal the other day, and we were talking about interior design.

Just One Thing

In this issue of inspiring updates and renovations, ranging from building and reorganizing closets to entire-home overhauls, the changes are dramatic. 

Hanging on to Summer

August slips into position with a sense of what was and what’s to come.

Cottage Clutter

When we bought our cottage in northern Michigan about 15 years ago, I filled it with lots of stuff.