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The ABCs of AC

Uneven Cooling? All winter long, we dream about warm days ahead — right up to the point when sweltering summer nights keep us tossing and...

Summer Tomato Salad

With Baby Spinach and Fresh Aromatics. Makes 8 servings.

Invitation to Summer

I LOVE cocktail napkins. Aside from their graphic appeal — and the options of paper, linen, holiday, seasonal, formal, or fun — just having a...

In Pursuit of the Good Life

Tasked with writing an editor’s letter for an issue devoted to the good life, it seemed obvious that I should first know what exactly...

The Reason for the Season

My brother’s never met a debate he couldn’t exasperate. With a unique combination of absurdity and manufactured outrage, he quickly goes from zero-to-ridiculous, obscuring...

One Man’s Gluttony is Another Man’s Lunch

“Diamond Jim” Brady — celebrated glutton of the Gilded Age — is said to have regularly rode around Central Park on one of his...

The Best of the Rejected Best of Categories

This year, for our annual “Best of the Good Life” readers survey, we decided to expand the number and range of the included categories.

13 Randomly Selected Facts, Quotes, Observations, and Oddities

Detroit’s been known for many things. In the mid-20th century, it was known as home to a roster of world-renowned designers and architects.

The Not-So-Amazing Criswell

Jeron Criswell King was wrong. A lot. Better known as “The Amazing Criswell,” he began making off-the-wall predictions to fill airtime.

And the Winner Is …

Receiving an award is generally a positive experience. Mainly because — unlike winning $5 from a scratch-off lottery ticket you bought at the gas...